Becker Landscapes is licensed for all phases of the creation of your outdoor space. We provide landscaping services for:




Office Buildings


Commercial Outlets






Vacation Homes


Public Buildings



We provide all phases of landscaping…



We make planning and creating your dream landscape easy. After meeting with you to discuss your tastes and preferences we develop a master plan design based on these priorities that can be completed within your budget! The plan combines all the landscaping elements that you select to create surroundings that express your lifestyle and personality. Our knowledge of the Bend and Central Oregon environment make us the landscaper of choice for people who want a design that will last.



A landscaper in Bend and Central Oregon needs the right equipment to get the job done. Whether your project is new bare ground construction or renovating an out-dated landscape, we have the equipment, experience and expertise to efficiently dig, trench, grade, and build your new landscape.



We understand how crucial an irrigation system is to keeping your site looking its best. We understand that proper water management, especially in Bend and Central Oregon, is a balance between conserving water while providing enough water for healthy and appealing plant growth. As your landscaper, we can help you maintain your system throughout the year. We offer smart clocks that adjust water usage based on the actual weather at the moment. The clock takes data from an onsite weather station and inputted information about soil and plant types and location.


Rockwork & Patios

Aesthetic hardscape, including rock walls, flagstone patios, invisible fountains, and boulder arrangements offer minimal maintenance. Rock and gravel mulches use water permeable weed barriers to inhibit competitive weeds and maximize growing conditions for desired plants. We build with either natural stone or manufactured stones and help select stones that can pick up colors in your house.

Once your patio is complete we recommend a spa from Resort Spas & Billiards for a perfect Central Oregon get-away in your own backyard.


Water Features

We create water features with a deep understanding of how they should appear in nature. From this knowledge, a design is created that specifically relates to your site. During the design process, careful consideration is given to the proportions of the pool, the water course from beginning to end, the look of the spillways, the speed and volume of the water flow, the actual sound that it makes when it is flowing and what the feature looks like when it is not flowing. Our landscaper services will create a feature you’ll enjoy for years to come.



We have maintenance crews and the correct equipment to properly care for your landscape. Organic options are available. Landscaper services includes tree, shrub & lawn care – fertilizing, mowing, weeding and pruning. We clean up and haul-off all yard debris. Arrangements can be made for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service in the Bend or Central Oregon area.